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Help with Installation & Setup

installation configuration ofml dataclient

Installing the Vitra Configuration System

Installing and configuring the Vitra Configuration System on your computer.

dataclient ofml

Update OFML data

Update the OFML data with the DataClient.

licenseclient dataclient datapool ofml

Multiple servers in the DataClient / DataPool

Setting up multiple server in the DataClient / DataPool.

configuration sce plugin

Sending orders from the SCE to Vitra

Installung and using the plugin vitraOrder.

configuration sce plugin

Importing & exporting the OEX format

Installing and using the plugin vitraOEXchange.

configuration cad plugin vectorworks

Using VCS with Vectorworks

Configuring VCS for Vectorworks and using the common interface.

configuration cad plugin autocad

Using VCS with AutoCAD

Configuring VCS for AutoCAD and using the common interface.