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Using VCS with AutoCAD

With pCon.xcad you can easily import Vitra product data from Vitra Configuration System (VCS) into AutoCAD. Please follow the below instructions.

Open your AutoCAD program. When the pCon.xcad plugin is installed on your computer you will have the entry pCon.xcad BE in the menu bar. To start the VCS Product Planner choose New Configuration.... You will find the most important functions also in the tool bar.

AutoCAD with pCon.xcad plugin
That's how the plugin looks like in AutoCAD.

The Product Planner opens. Please insert the desired products from the catalog and configure them if necessary. When you finished your planning please click on the button Apply in the right upper corner of Product Planner. You will than get back to AutoCAD.

Product Planner
Click on Apply to load the selected products into AutoCAD.

Place your product(s) in AutoCAD by clicking the left mouse button or by entering the coordinates. For further information regarding the several functions of pCon.xcad please choose Help in the pCon.xcad BE menu.