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Installing the Vitra Configuration System

Installing the software

After you downloaded the package from our download page, it is stored in your download directory as a ZIP package. Navigate to the download directory. With your right mouse button, click on and select the context menu entry Extract All.

Extract VCS
Extract the VCS package via the context menu.

By extracting a folder named setup-vcs is generated. Open the folder and run the program file start.exe.

Install VCS
Run the program file start.exe.

The installation wizard opens. Read the license agreement and confirm it. Then click Next.

Terms and conditions
Choose your language and confirm the license agreement.

After confirming the license agreement a window with various settings follows. Pay close attention to the settings for the application language, currency and VAT. These are stored as default settings and can only be changed by the VCS team after installation.
The application path should not be adjusted for eventual future support cases. Click Next.

Change these settings if necessary.

In the next window the installation wizard checks if VCS modules are already installed. In addition, it detects if AutoCAD is installed. If so, it proposes to install the appropriate version of pCon.xcad. Check whether all the modules that you want to install are selected, and then click Install.

You have the option to install only the Sales Configurator Enterprise or the pCon.planner ME. The pCon.update DataClient (automatically includes the module pCon.update Migration) must be installed in any case, since otherwise no OFML data (ie no Vitra products) can be installed.

The elements SCE Plugin ReportManager 2.8.6 and SCE Plugin VitraHeader 2.4.3 are part of the Sales Configurator Enterprise.

Choose the desired modules.

The installation process is automatic. After installation, it may happen that the computer must be restarted.

Installing the OFML data

Start the DataClient. This is located in the Start menu under All ProgramsEasternGraphicspCon.update.


After starting the pCon.update DataClient, it opens the Welcome screen. There you will find explanations on the functioning of the software. If you have read the information or have the DataClient used many times before, you can continue by clicking on Settings.

Click on Settings to enter your credentials.

In the left pane of the window is the category NetworkServer. Since the OFML data from Vitra is not located on the EasternGraphics server, but on a Vitra server, these credentials are not the ones that you might already use for other manufacturers. Instead, use the credentials from the Vitra Extranet.

Enter as the server address. Username and password are identical to your extranet account.

Enter your Extranet credentials in here.

To avoid losing the settings of Vitra, you can save them by clicking on the star and on Add to Favorites.... In the window that opens, you can customize the name and press OK.
Check Save password if you don't want to enter it again for every future update and then click OK to confirm.

You are now back on the welcome page. Click Next. As a result, you arrive at a list of the relevant and currently installed VCS applications.

This page shows all currently installed VCS applications.

Before you click Next, please ensure that all affected applications are closed. Available new data is then displayed in a list.

An overview of product data which is installed or updated.

After selecting the data and confirming by clicking on Install, the installation of the product data is started. Depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection this can take some time. After successful installation the following message appears:

The OFML data was successfully installed.

If you have problems or questions, please feel free to contact Vitra. Use the contact form or the Email address