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Importing & exporting the OEX format


Ensure that the Sales Configurator Enterprise is installed on your computer. Download the package from our download page.

After the package is downloaded to your computer, unzip it. Close the Sales Configurator Enterprise and run the installer from the folder by double-clicking it.

vitraOEXchange Setup
Run this file to start the setup.

The installer will start. Click Next and then click Install to start the installation process. This will only take a few seconds. You can then close the window.

vitraOEXchange Setup
Follow the instructions.

vitraOEXchange has now been installed. Start the Sales Configurator Enterprise. You will see two new icons on the left side in the toolbar.

vitraOEXchange Button
The new buttons for vitraOEXchange are to the left in the toolbar.


Click the right of the two new buttons in the toolbar or select FileExport and then OEX export. A new window will open. Select the desired data languages ​​and enter the optional project number. Then click Save.

vitraOEXchange Export
Choose the data languages in this window.

The computer then asks where the file should be saved. Navigate to the desired folder on your computer and press Save.


Click on the left of the two new buttons in the toolbar or select FileImport and then OEX import. A new window will open. Navigate to the directory in which the file is located. Select it and click Open.

vitraOEXchange Import
Choose the file from your computer.

You are asked if you want to refer to the prices from the local database or from the OEX file. Depending on the situation you have to decide what is more suitable for you. If anyone else with a different price list created this file, you can maintain his/her prices. Otherwise, the prices from your installed pricelist are used.

vitraOEXchange Import
Decide whether or not you want to use your own prices for the OEX import.

The import is complete, all products should be loaded in the SCE.