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Using VCS with Vectorworks

Vectorworks is one of the leading CAD software for interior designers. In collaboration with ComputerWorks, a plugin has been developed which can start the Vitra Configuration System directly from Vectorworks using an OFML interface. This way, the furniture can be configured in the desired variant and pasted as 2D / 3D object. With a few clicks one can also create a quote including all Vitra furniture from the current planning.

That's how it works in detail:

Warning: This plugin is only compatible with the Product Planner. Within the default VCS package, this one is replaced by the pCon.planner ME. Therefore, you must download the CAD package from our download page which still contains the Product Planner. If you have already installed the VCS package, you can install the Product Planner as an additional package. Download the installer from our download page.


Once you have downloaded the CAD package from our download page, install it on your computer. Further instructions on installing VCS can be found here.
If you are not using AutoCAD, you do not need to install the plugin pCon.xcad.

You now need to download and install the plugin for Vectorworks. You will find the download on the manufacturer's website. Follow the instructions of the installer to complete the installation.

Note: There is 2D data from Vitra available for you. If you are interested you can download it here. However, you will need a valid extranet account.


At this point, we refer to the official instructions of the manufacturer. There is described in detail how you can use the furniture manager in conjunction with the Product Planner.