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Sending orders from the SCE to Vitra


Ensure that the Sales Configurator Enterprise is installed on your computer and that you have received the authentication key by Email. The key is needed because you are otherwise not permitted for sending orders. You can request the key from your Vitra sales representative or under

Download the package from our download page.

After the package is downloaded to your computer, unzip it. Close the Sales Configurator Enterprise and then run the installer from the folder by double-clicking.

vitraOrder Setup
Run this file to start the setup.

The installer will start. Click Next and then click Install to start the installation process. This will only take a few seconds. You can then close the window.

vitraOrder Setup
Follow the instructions of the installer.

vitraOrder has now been installed. Start the Sales Configurator Enterprise. In the toolbar you will see a new icon on the right side.

vitraOrder Button
The new button for vitraOrder is on the right side.

Mandatory fields

If you have installed the plugin vitraOrder on your computer, a new tab called Order data can be found in your Header information. Under address type, choose Own address and enter your Vitra customer number in the right field.
You can enter your own address within the tab Addresses. To send the order, it is sufficient if you select only your country.

Please fill in all mandatory fields.

Optional fields

Order number: Can be stored under Project information and is passed as the order number in the SAP order. If no number is entered here, SAP generates an automatic order number, which is composed of the date and time.

Delivery date: Can also be stored in the document header under Project information. In principle, the earliest possible manufacturing date is determined for all items after the transfer into SAP. Only if a date was entered in the document header and it is later than the date in SAP, this is used instead. If an earlier date is entered as the one communicated by Vitra, you can enter it, but it should be checked by the representative sales person, so it can be adjusted accordingly after consultation with manufacturing.

Document type: The user can choose between Standard, Project and Quote. With Standard selected, an order will be sent. The options Project and Quote are intended for internal use only.

Optional fields for orders.

Different delivery address: Usually, the stored delivery address is used with your customer number in SAP. If you want to use a different address, you can enter this in the document header within Addresses. By default, only the customer's address and your own address are stored here. To add the delivery address, click on Add address and select the option Delivery.

Enter the delivery address in here.

If additional information is needed, more texts can be entered manually. This is possible on header and position level.

Header level: Navigate to the tab Header texts to enter additional text information that may be submitted with the order. This applies to the entire order.

Following texts are submitted to SAP:

Additional texts on header level.

Position level: If you want to save certain information individual products / positions, you can do this in the tab Texts / User-defined Articles. These texts always refer to the currently selected item.

Additional texts on position level.

The description of deviations from the standard must be noted in column 20 Additional text (Special article). Otherwise the consideration of special design can not be guaranteed. Special items must be manually processed by the sales representative. If something is entered in column 21 Additional text, the items in SAP are automatically interpreted as a special item.

Sending the order

By installing the plugin, an additional icon in the toolbar of the SCE appears. Click on this.

vitraOrder Button
Open vitraOrder via the red, marked button to the right.

Paste your key into the field Authorization key. It is then stored in the program and does not need to be re-entered each time. By clicking on the Check button the SCE checks whether all mandatory fields have been filled.

In case of an error appearing, some mandatory are empty.

In this case, you will need to enter the missing information and then again click on the icon to send. Press Check again.

When all required fields are filled, the following message appears and the Send button is released.

All mandatory fields have been checked successfully and the order can be sent.

To send the order, click Send. This action can not be reversed or stopped. After a few seconds the order has been sent to SAP and the window can be closed.

After sending

SAP sends an Email to the appropriate sales representative that an order has been submitted (additional recipients can be set by the VCS team). The sales representative can then edit this SAP order.
If the order doesn't run into an error, an order confirmation is automatically created within 48 hours.