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  1. To use the Vitra OFML- Data you can register here.
    The registration may take a few days. You will get a confirmation mail when the registration was successfully completed.
  2. Also make sure that your computer fulfills the minimum system requirements.
  3. Download and extract the VCS package to your computer.
  4. After the package has been downloaded and extracted, open the folder and run start.exe.
    Note: More detailed instructions can be found here.
  5. Follow the instructions shown by the installer. You can change the language, currency, VAT and select the modules to be installed. The installation will take some time to complete.
  6. After the successful installation you'll have the DataClient installed on your system. You can find it in StartAll ProgramsEasternGraphicspCon.update. Start this application.
  7. On the left side within your DataClient, click on Settings and on Server. Enter your credentials in here:
    Server Address:
    User Name: Login of the EasternGraphics Updateserver
    Password: Passwort of the EasternGraphics Updateserver
  8. Close the current window with OK first and click on Next until the DataClient shows you a list of applications and data which will be installed. Click on Install to finish the installation. Depending on your bandwith, this might take some time.
  9. Gratulation, you successfully installed VCS on your computer. If you expierenced any kind of issues with the installation, let us know. You can write an email to


Download the VCS package below and install it. The xcad plugin is already part of this package and works out of the box. AutoCAD must be installed.



Download the VCS package below and install it. Afterwards, download the working environment from this website.


2D libraries for Vectorworks

You can download 2D libraries for Vectorwork here. Click on your current version below to start the download. This 2D data has nothing to do with VCS or the Furniture Manager, both applications are not needed to use this 2D data. You can simply extract the download into the Vectorworks library folder on your computer.

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Main Packages



  • Special Request Form (1.1) - For daily processing of special requests (like non-standard articles) the Special Request Form, better known as EA form, is used.