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Frequently aksed questions

To answer your questions about VCS and furniture planning as best as possible, we provide a collection of frequently asked questions and their respective answers. If your questions are still unanswered, you can always get in touch with us.

What is VCS?
VCS is short for Vitra Configuration System and consists of three applications: pCon.planner ME, Sales Configurator Enterprise and pCon.update DataClient. The first application allows you to create 3D and 2D plannings of Vitra products, the second application lets you create quotes and offers and the last application keeps your VCS up-to-date.
Is VCS free?
Yes, VCS is free to use. But you need to be a registered dealer / architect on our Extranet in order to download the product data.
Is VCS available on Mac?
No, VCS is only available for Windows. But you can still use VCS on your Mac, by installing a virtualization software such as Parallels or VirtualBox. Please note that we can't provide any support for these solutions, only for VCS itself.
How are updates working?
Usually, we provide updates each quarter year. You will receive an email with important information about the update and how to install it. To update your VCS, the DataClient is used.
I'm already using pCon-software. Can I still use the Vitra product data?
Yes, you can integrate our product data into your installation. You'll need to use the pCon.update DataClient for this. Read more about how to integrate OFML data on this page.
Can I see product prices?
Yes, depending on your installed version. Usually, dealers will receive the version containing prices while architects receive a version without any prices. If you request VCS, we will check this with the Sales Team.
Is VCS compatible with my CAD software?
We offer solutions for AutoCAD, Vectorworks and ArchiCAD. If you are using a different CAD application, you can still import and export your plannings in established file formats.
I have questions / problems. Whom can I get in touch with?
You can get in touch with the VCS team at any time. Either use the contact form or write an email with your email client to