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The Software

The Vitra Configuration System (VCS) is a modular software combining room planning and product configuration with the order and selling process. In this way, it helps you to simplify workflows as well as to improve their quality.

It contains all products and configurations of the current pricelist. Thanks to intelligent rules and product logic, planning errors can be avoided. Furthermore, planning tools for complex systems solutions significantly simplify the planning process.

Creating offers with the Sales Configurator Enterprise

The Sales Configurator Enterprise, short SCE, is used for creating offers, orders and quotations. You can select nearly all Vitra products from the catalog, configure them and calculate their prices. After creation, you can send the offer as PDF, Excel or in another format to your customer.

  • Creating and strucuring of article lists in any size.
  • Configuring of products from Vitra and Artek with the integrated product configurator.
  • Multi-level calculation and pricing.
  • Create individual reports and offers for customers.
  • Manual articles with custom images and texts.

3D planning with the pCon.planner ME

The pCon.planner ME is a 3D planning and drawing software for room and object planning. Select your Vitra products, configure their properties in a graphical user interface and render high-resolution images for your customer.

  • Load and save DWG files.
  • Import and export 3D objects and plannings in different formats (3ds, SKP, DXF, SAT).
  • Graphical editor for configuring OFML products.
  • Multi-window-layout for a great planning expierence.
  • Room elements like doors, windows, stairs and more out of the box.
  • Realtime 3D planning with different ranges of detail.

Updates with the pCon.update DataClient

The pCon.update DataClient is the third module of the VCS package, with which you can update and install your software and product data updates. Within the DataClient, you save your Extranet credentials in order to start the download. Your account must have permission to use VCS.

If you use other manufacturers besides Vitra, you can add multiple servers from which the OFML data will be downloaded.

OFML data

The OFML catalog is an important part of the VCS package and contains all products from Vitra and Artek. OFML is short for Office Furniture Modelling Language and describes the format in which each product is created in. The OFML data contains the logical part, which prevents you from misconfiguring a product. Each product only shows you the properties you are allowed to change, such as seat colour, base type or dimensions.

In order to download OFML data from Vitra, you must be a registered dealer or architect in our Extranet. If you are not, you can register yourself for free.



The pCon.Box is a web-based 3D planning tool from EasternGraphics. It provides almost the same functionality than the pCon.planner ME. To use the vitra OFML Data with prices, you have to subscribe the vitra catalog in the EGR Update Server.