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Use Cases

VCS is used by over 4000 people worldwide. Among them are dealers, architects and designers. VCS provides many functions that can help you simplify planning and creating / sending quotations.

For dealers

In order to work efficient with the wide range of products and thousands of different configuration options, many retailers work with the VCS. Here you will find all products from Vitra in a clearly structured catalog which is based on the official price list. With just one click, the products can then be configured and adapted to the customers wishes.

If your customer wishes a graphical presentation, you can create them in a few steps. The VCS contains a sort of simplified CAD planning tool, which makes the graphical configuration and presentation a snap.

In case a quotation should be generated from your 3D planning, you can copy & paste the used and configured products 1:1 from the planning, enter billing address and other header data and send it to the customer printed as PDF, Excel or image.

For architects & designer

Architects benefit from the graphical tools for planning Vitra products and the possibility of rendering high-resolution images. Besides the actual products, light objects, plants and many other 3D objects can be used in your plannings.

VCS allows rendering high resolution images and videos. This is the ideal opportunity to provide the customer a visual impression of what he might order.

In case you are using other CAD applications like AutoCAD, VectorWorks or ArchiCAD, VCS provides interfaces for easy data exchange. In addition, plannings are saved in DWG by default, a widely used and supported format in this field. And if that's not enough, you can export and import many different formats, including 3DS, OBK, DXF, SKP and more.